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Thursday 22 October 2015

Save The Date: Award – Winning Painter Benjamin Hope Presents Debut Solo Exhibition: Observations 12 – 25 November 2015

JP Art Gallery is delighted to announce a debut exhibition of works by award-winning painter Benjamin Hope. Benjamin is often spotted painting with his easel on the streets of London, a scene that is in complete contrast to four years ago, when he spent long hours in an office creating mathematical models for an investment bank. His story is one of passion and determination, as he pursued a financial career in order to facilitate his long-term vocation – painting

Aside from awards such as First Prize at the Pintar Rapido Plein Air Painting Festival and Runner Up prize at the Lynn Painter Stainers Exhibition 2014, Benjamin was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2013 with his painting Teacups in the Financial Times and was subsequently selected for the annual open shows of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters, The Pastel Society, The Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the New English Art Club.

Benjamin’s first exhibition Observations refers to his method of painting. His outdoor paintings featuring areas such as Kings Cross, Clapham Junction, Blackheath and Southwark Bridge, amongst others, are created quickly and in an impressionistic style in order to capture the essence of what he sees.

He works directly from life, finding this the only way to get that exciting sense of immediacy and capture his experience of the subject. He is influenced by the light, atmosphere, crowds or reflections that he sees and it is this trigger that he focuses on, in order to transport us, the viewer beyond the canvas, to respond to what we are seeing through Benjamin’s own experience and recreation of each place.

Benjamin is also a master of the still-life, with works such as the aforementioned Teacups in the Financial Times, exhibited at The Royal Academy. His representations take us with him to witness exactly what he sees. His precision and detailed accuracy is undoubtedly attributed to his chosen field of study of Mathematics and Physics, which culminated in a PhD from Cambridge University. 

Benjamin’s method of creating everyday objects in oil on canvas, breaks the boundaries of the tradition of the classic still life. He intuitively adds a refreshing twist to the genre, as the viewer can enjoy the attention to detail, the lifelike objects and the interesting composition, yet can also see the works as contemporary expressions of life today. 

The exhibition will also show some of Benjamin’s portraiture, including his Self Portrait with Palette. Discussing his portrait work Benjamin says: “Portraiture has an extra level significance for me owing to a long-held interest in the Philosophy of Mind. I am only happy with a portrait if I can really sense there is human agency on the canvas—and not just any: a specific person.”

JP Art Gallery
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Exhibition Opening Hours 12 - 25 November 2015: 

Mon - Fri:    11 am – 7 pm
Weekends: 10 am – 6 pm

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